The ActiPix™ D100 is the first of a family of products being commercialised using our patented ActiPix™ technology.

  • ActiPix™ D200 Large Area Imager

    ActiPix™ D200 Large Area Imager

    Optical Taper Technology allows the D200 Detector increased detection area. Ideally suited to Lab on a Chip and large flow cell Applications.

  • ActiPix™ D200 UV/Vis Imaging Platform

    ActiPix™ D200 UV/Vis Imaging Platform

    The latest generation of ActiPix™ UV Imaging System is based on a compact and flexible modular format, to allow easy integration and user choice:

  • Viscosizer TD (licenced to Malvern Instruments)

    Viscosizer TD (licenced to Malvern Instruments)

    Malvern Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis and providing ultra-low volume, solution-based molecular size and stability measurement capabilities, combined with Poiseuille flow for relative viscosity assessment. Viscosizer TD offers biopharmaceutical researchers an orthogonal technique for conformational stability analysis, which is unrivalled in extending into label-free measurements in highly complex solutions, and encompasses a critical size range from small molecules through to protein-based systems.

  • Sirius SDi2, With ActiPix™ Technology (licenced to Sirius Analytical)

    Sirius SDi2, With ActiPix™ Technology (licenced to Sirius Analytical)

    The Sirius SDi2 is designed specifically to accelerate your pre-formulation and formulation development. The next generation of UV imaging from Sirius, the SDi2 is used for investigating physical processes occurring at the solid-liquid interface during dissolution. As well as measuring intrinsic dissolution and release rates of drug products, the SDi2 is ideal for quantifying swelling, erosion and disintegration kinetics of a range of whole dosage forms. The SDi2 uses a powerful 4.2 megapixel ActiPix™TM detector to record ultraviolet and visible light intensity data in real-time and in two dimensions. It produces high resolution videos that record dynamic processes as they happen. The SDi2 uses a fully integrated fluidics system with a choice of two different flow cells to cover a broad range of applications and sample types.

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