Paraytec announces the launch of the ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System

Paraytec announces the launch of the ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System

Tuesday, 9th September 2008

Paraytec Ltd (York, UK) are proud to announce the launch of the ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System. The system will formally be launched at the ‘AUC and Hydro Meeting’ at Newcastle University and utilises Paraytec’s award winning ActiPix™ UV area imaging technology.

‘The ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System is the first of a series of applications driven products to be generated from our core UV area imaging technology.’ said Mark Vaux, Chief Executive Officer. ‘By reaching customers in a range of different markets, Paraytec are on course to capitalise on the tremendous flexibility our technology has to offer.’

Professor David Goodall, Chief Scientific Officer explained ‘Our approach is based on well-founded Taylor dispersion analysis theory for determining hydrodynamic radius of molecular species. Our detector enables us to keep track of the increase in peak width of a 10 nanolitre sample travelling through an open tubular capillary.’ As we are utilising the ultra violet absorbance for detection, our approach means that a direct value is obtained for species of small to large size and does not have the size bias of other techniques.

The technique promises exciting opportunities for size determination of traditionally difficult samples such as membrane proteins.

Dr Mebs Surve, Business Development Director added ‘Our elegant approach provides significant benefits over conventional techniques such as light scattering, including low sample requirement and high dynamic range. We have received tremendous interest from the market. Customers working in a variety of application areas including protein production, protein purification and protein characterization are all likely to benefit.’

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