Media release: Paraytec wins Pittcon 2007 International Editors’ Choice Award against blue-chip competition

Media release: Paraytec wins Pittcon 2007 International Editors’ Choice Award against blue-chip competition

Wednesday, 7th March 2007

York, UK-based scientific instrument company, Paraytec, has shot to global attention with the announcement that it has won one of the most important international technology awards in its sector. Paraytec’s ActiPix UV detection instrument was awarded the Pittcon 2007 Editors’ Choice Silver Award when it was featured as a new product at the world’s largest meeting for laboratory instrumentation and scientific equipment, held last week in Chicago.

The annual Pittcon meeting attracts over 20,000 attendees from more than 85 countries and is the premier exposition for launching new scientific instruments to the world stage. Over the four day meeting a panel of more than 150 editors from international scientific publications assess the new technology on offer from over 1,000 exhibiting companies, and votes on the products considered to be the most significant and important technology advances of the year. The editors’ panel presented Paraytec with the Silver Award, commenting that the ActiPix was a “novel and innovative product” that “transcended” boundaries in its contribution to life and analytical sciences.

Dr Mebs Surve, Paraytec’s Business Development Manager, said "We were literally speechless when we realised we had won the Pittcon Silver Award. This is global recognition at the highest level, confirming our belief in the importance of the technology. The message is that, of all the new scientific and analytical instruments launched in the last year, the ActiPix is considered to be one of the most significant in contributing technology advances which will impact scientific instruments of the future."

The editors’ panel gave the Gold award to $1 Billion American company Waters Corporation, and equal Silver to Paraytec alongside Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global corporation with an annual turnover of $9 Billion. Paraytec’s founder and CSO, Professor David Goodall, commented: “This award puts our technology up with that of the world’s largest blue chip scientific companies, which is an astounding achievement.”

Paraytec’s CEO, Carolyn Parkinson, said “For a small company from Yorkshire to have its first product voted number two in the world demonstrates the importance of this technology on the global stage. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the intense international attention to grow our sales and distribution, and particularly to progressing our international collaborations.”

The Pittcon Award follows closely on the heels of Paraytec’s recent success at Venturefest Yorkshire, where it was awarded the GSPK New Product Award after the ActiPix was judged the best innovative new product with high growth potential developed by a Yorkshire company.

The ActiPix D100 is currently in early stage sales to end users and development partners in the UK, USA and Europe. The technology is already opening up important new applications and is literally changing the face of UV absorbance detection, one of the most widely used analytical techniques in the world. Jim Lenke of protein sample preparation instrument company Protea Biosciences in West Virginia has been using the ActiPix for several months and has been "astounded" by its capabilities. Dr Lenke commented "This is a detector with so much potential that it is bound to have an impact on key discoveries for years to come."

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