Press release: Introducing ActiPix™ D100: The Multiplexed Capillary Based UV Imaging Detector

Friday, 23rd June 2006

York UK based company Paraytec Limited have announced the launch of the ActiPix™ D100 UV Imaging Detector. The palm sized capillary based system was officially launched at HPLC 2006 in San Francisco by Professor David Goodall, Paraytec’s Chief Scientific Officer.

The ActiPix™ D100 combines the inherent self referencing capability of fused silica capillaries with the high speed imaging capability of Active Pixel Sensor technology. This results in high speed, high resolution imaging of capillary based liquid phase separations. This detector has been specifically developed for capillary LC and CE, and brings to the market patented technology which is expected to provide significant advances in the use of UV absorbance techniques.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Miniature palm sized capillary UV imaging detector enables coupling immediately before any mass spectrometer, opening up new possibilities for simultaneous quantification by UV and structural characterization by MS
  • The ActiPix™ D100 can be used as a single or multiplexed detector using capillaries (size range 20 µm ID to 750 µm ID) as sample cells.
  • Flexible 1 m fibre optic cable enables UV imager to be hyphenated with any laboratory hardware.
  • Spatial resolution of 70 µm makes it ideal for high speed, high efficiency separations.
  • Very low noise characteristics giving a limit of detection of 5 µAU.
  • Five orders of magnitude linear dynamic range. This is ideal for impurity profiling of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Can be used down to 190 nm making it ideal for proteomics.
  • In-line nature allows real time monitoring for Process Analytical Technology.
  • Multiplexing of capillaries across the 7 x 9 mm active pixel sensor area brings affordable high thoughput UV detection to users for the first time.

The ActiPix™ D100 consists of a small relocatable detector head, a benchtop control unit, and sophisticated user interface software. It is available directly from Paraytec Limited who can be contacted on telephone +44 (1904) 526270, or via the website where further product information is also available.


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