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“I have been using ActiPix™ for more than two years, since the early stage of its development. From the beginning, it became clear to me that this miniature detector provides exceptional flexibility which is crucial when solving complex analytical problems. ActiPix™ enables UV monitoring of multiple sections of single capillaries and in parallel channels. This greatly enhanced throughput and resolution of biochemical assays carried out in the ‘lab-on-capillary©’ format. For example, it was straightforward to set up protocols for the assessment of substrate specificities of different enzymes. Velocities of species originating from anywhere within the capillary could precisely be measured facilitating this way comprehensive analysis of the in-capillary reactions and separations. I was astonished to see how easy it was to connect ActiPix™ to standard analytical instruments. I have no doubts that, due to its unique features, ActiPix™ will act as an ‘enabling technology’ to support future research endeavours in the broad field of bioscience.”

Pawel Ł. Urban, Isotope Laboratory, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland

"The ActiPix™ D100 is the perfect system for us. The extremely high sensitivity, ease of use and direct potential for high throughput made it hugely attractive and directly relevant to our application in microcapillary biocatalysis."

Sandro Matosevic, University College London, UK

‘We are happy with the performance of the detector and the ease in which we could integrate it into our Explosion Destruction monitoring system. The small footprint is critical in our microsystem. Another key feature that makes the ActiPix™ detector useful is its ability to actively monitor two (or more) detection points simultaneously’

Dr Kamlesh Patel, Team Leader for Systems, Sandia National Laboratories

‘Our team chose the ActiPix™ system from Paraytec to study this process because it is uniquely designed to simultaneously image up to eight different capillaries at the same time – providing spatial, temporal and concentration data of adsorbed and eluted proteins’

Professor Nigel Slater, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

‘The ActiPix™ detector with multiple independent UV detection points on the same capillary considerably broadens the possibilities of investigation in the field of capillary electrokinetic separations.  It is especially well suited to study non-stationary electrokinetic processes such as those involved in preconcentration steps, or to develop all applications that require multiple detection points.’

Professor Hervé Cottet, University of Montpelier CNRS, France

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